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Learning things are efficient only if they are examined. Examination inspires and shows the right way to go forward. It’s always better to be aware of real situation in order to build proper strategy towards your goals. Then a lot of time can be saved and invested properly in other interesting and useful things.

On this site you can test Russian on-line and check your skills in Russian grammar. For each level we prepared special tasks, which are aimed to determine your level of Russian language (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) as well as to clarify some points in Russian grammar during your work. It certainly will involve you in learning process one more time as far as you have started to test your Russian you are in studying Russian.

Russian grammar test on-line

On this page you can test Russian grammar skills as well as to prepare yourself for Russian language exam. The more you test the more you learn and clarify.

Some positions in the test can be easily done that means you are already skilled in it, and some positions can show where you should work again with more attention. Don’t be frustrated with wrong answers in your test result. Mistakes just show you bought ticket to the higher class.

Focus on studying material where you have mistaken and try to return to Russian grammar test again. We are sure you will show fantastic results! Go ahead and we wish you a big luck!