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About Us

Elena Dziuba

Lead Teacher

Welcome to the on-line Russian language school “Pa-russki!”

Our mission is to teach language in an enjoyable and natural way through tutored conversations on-line via Skype.

We are a team of professional Russian language teachers from Kiev, Ukraine. Our teaching approach is tested and proven during the years of experience. We developed our unique and effective learning programs for all level of students studying Russian on-line.

Our Russian lessons on-line provide full immersion into the Russian language and in your very first class we will involve you in speaking. During the conversational sessions your on-line private Russian teacher will introduce you to the structure of the Russian language, explain lexical and grammatical models, discuss cultural aspects of colloquial Russian and apply them in real situations. Russian lessons via Skype provides mastering Russian in a natural way by listening and reproducing it in active communication with a native Russian teacher.

Experienced native Russian teachers on-line will help you to make quick progress and gain confidence speaking Russian with your Russian friends and colleagues. Step by step during on-line Russian language classes we will extend your scope of action to make you comfortable in increasing amount of situations you might encounter. Eventually, we can provide you with the language skills necessary to pass examinations in Russian as a foreign language.

We would like to invite you to immerse into Russian on-line with our successful teaching approach!