Listen to Russian audio stories

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Listen stories in russian

Listening (from Lat. Audiare - «hear») - is the process of perception, interpretation and understanding of the speaker′s speech.

Listening practice is a powerful tool of learning a foreign language. It gives the opportunity to acquire the sound side of the language you study, its phonemic structure and intonation: rhythm, accent and melody. Mastering the lexical structure of the language and its grammatical structure goes through the listening. At the same time listening facilitates the mastery of speaking, reading and writing, what makes listening one of the main reasons to use as a subsidiary, and sometimes the primary means of learning.

Listen stories in Russian and improve your comprehension skills. Get used to the Russian speech and pace of the speaker. Listen a story several times and try to repeat senntences together with a native speaker.

After a week of regular exercises on listening Russian stories you will definitely feel the progress in understanding native Russian’s speech.

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