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Russian Everywhere
100 basic Russian dialogues with English equivalents

Entertaining way to learn and practice Russian conversation!

RUSSIAN EVERYWHERE contains 100 everyday dialogues supported by illustrations with some funny plots, which help you to memorize Russian phrases better. The pictures might also give you some insight into the Russian way of thinking and - maybe - make you smile. Anyone studying languages figures out quickly that most common sayings are not translated word-for-word, and this book lets you see how you need to say things in Russian to get your point across. The book introduces phrases on various topics such as Greeting, Getting acquainted, Small talk, Plans, Invitations, Ordering drinks, Congratulations, Compliments, Apologies, Gratitude, Saying Goodbye. RUSSIAN EVERYWHERE is great both for beginners or anyone who wants to brush up and sound like a native! Start speaking Russian Now!


Thomas Goseberg, Germany

The pictures are really cute and funny! I was astonished how easily I memorized a lot of useful phrases in Russian.

Mario Suriano, Italy

I discovered many phrases that Russian people use in their daily life. You won't find them in traditional textbooks!

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