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Russian songs with lyrics

One of the most enjoyable ways to learn a language is listening to the songs. Memorization process becomes the most effective when your emotions are turned on.

We collected the best Russian songs with lyrics for you. Song will introduce you to a real life language, idioms and special turns of Russian speech.

It may happen that you can not understand all the Russian words from the first and even from the fifth listening, it’s normal, don’t worry! Now try to listen to the Russian song with lyrics and clarify all the words you couldn’t hear before. Some words will be new for you and some words that you knew before but you didn’t recognize them because of the fast speech tempo.

Time to sing Russian songs

Try to pronounce all the phrases together with a singer. Make a pause and tell the same on your own, then again do it together with a singer. After such a practice you will be well prepared to sing Russian songs! Try it right away! It is always amazing to listen how our students sing in Russian!

It’s time now to kill two birds with one stone – have fun and learn new Russian words and phrases!

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