Short films in Russian

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Watch russian movies on-line

You are going to attend an exciting Russian class – studying while watching! Be prepared to hear real Russian and become familiar with new Russian words, expressions and structures. Have fun and learn Russian with Russian movies online!

We present you a wide range of short films in Russian such as “Eralash” («Ералаш») which have cute and funny plot. You will be immersed into Russian environment and learn a lot of new things of Russian culture and Russian language. Such an immersion has the best effect on your memorization process. Watch Russian and learn Russian at the same time!

We are convinced watching Russian films is an efficient investment in learning Russian. Regular cinema classes will increase your comprehension skills and expand your vocabulary quite soon!

Russian films with Russian subtitles

When you watch Russian films you hear a real-life language with plenty of idioms and slang. At first such unfamiliar vocabulary may confuse you if you don’t have written text in front. That is why all films we present here are provided with Russian subtitles. We hope this will help you a lot to understand and enjoy Russian.

Try to watch Russian with Russian subtitles during one month and you will feel progress in comprehension quite soon. These funny Russian TV-stories with subtitles will teach you a real language, the Russian we speak. Three minute video can replace one hour Russian lesson! Try and check!