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Stories and Tales for Adults. Russian textbook
25 texts with 250 assignments and keys (ePub, PDF)

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The lexical and grammatical textbook “Stories and Tales for Adults” is intended for the foreign students at intermediate and upper-intermediate levels (B1-B2) of Russian. The book consists of 25 texts on different burning topics of modern life, written in live contemporary language. The texts are adapted to practice certain lexical and grammar structures and aim to develop the skills of reading, speaking and writing. The lexical and grammar assignments are built in such a way that while working on them a student will easily and for a long time memorize new words and phrases to be able to use them later when retelling the text.

👩‍🏫 You have a great opportunity to process the textbook “Stories and Tales for Adults” with its author and Russian teacher – Svetlana Soboleva. Please mention it in “Comments” box when ordering General Russian classes at our school and get this book for free.

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Simon Baumgart, Germany

The textbook offers a diversity of texts - fairytales, short stories and anecdotes and they always carry a deeper meaning, which turns out to be a very good basis for discussion. The exercises help a lot to learn to examine the core issues and to understand, what the texts really talk about. They often work with repeating the texts from various points of view, which makes it much easier to memorize new vocabulary and phrases and to analyze grammatical constructions. The texts are neither too short nor too long for a regular practice and last but not least the delicate illustrations make it even more enjoyable.