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N.Gogol, The Nose
Audio (38:15 min) + PDF

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“The Nose” by a Russian classic Nikolay Gogol is a satirical story with a good portion of absurd. One morning Major Kovalev realized that his nose had somehow disappeared while he was asleep. It would take Major some time to get the nose back to its prescribed place.

The edition is adapted for the Russian language learners at B1-B2 level. It consists of a text with comments and an audiobook. Listening to a classic fiction stories helps to shape right intonation and stress in a sentence and to sound more natural and clear.

The book may be used for self-study as well as at the class.

Listen to the sample (1 min) on Youtube



Mark Wilkins

What a story! I’d read it in English before, and I am happy I am able to enjoy it in the original language now. I am very inspired!

Henric Edgren

It was great to listen to an authentic Russian book. I have been searching for something of this kind for quite a long time