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Nouns that end with –У(-Ю) ending in Prepositional case


аэропорт (airport)


в аэропорту (at the airport)

берег (shore)


на берегу (on the shore)

бой (battle)


в бою (in the battle)

глаз (eye)


в глазу (in the eye)

год (year)


в году (in a year)

дым (smoke)


в дыму (in smoke)

край (edge)


на краю (on the edge)

Крым (Crimea)


в Крыму (in the Crimea)

лес (forest)


в лесу (in the forest)

лёд (ice)


на льду (on the ice)

лоб (forehead)


на лбу (in the forehead)

луг (meadow)


на лугу (in the meadow)

мост (bridge)


на мосту (on the bridge)

нос (nose)


в/на носу (in/on the nose)

пол (floor)


на полу (on the floor)

порт (port)


в порту (in the port)

рот (mouth)


во рту (in the mouth)

сад (garden)


в саду (in the garden)

снег (snow)


в/на снегу (in/on the snow)

угол (corner)


в/на углу (in/at the corner)

шкаф (cupboard)


в/на шкафу (in/on the cupboard)