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Learn to speak Russian

What is the difference between learn Russian and learn to speak Russian? Well, it’s an issue of theory and practice: to know how to do is not the same as to be able to do. Often skills have to be trained and put into practice first in order to make full use of them. And languages are not exception. The fact that one has mastered a lot of Russian grammar rules and useful vocabulary does not guarantee his or her participation in a small talk in Russian.


Learning how to speak Russian is an efficient approach that encourages learners to speak Russian from the Day 1. The structure of the language and the nuances of vocabulary usage are explained and learnt in practice. Thus, students feel excited about their fast progress in Russian and are highly motivated to go forward. In addition the concept to learn to speak Russian saves learners time and money, because the process of language acquisition is much faster. Would you like to learn how to speak Russian? You are welcome to join us and have your first conversation in Russian on-line!

How to speak Russian

It’s important that you speak Russian with professional native speakers, who can lead you the right way on how to speak Russian and give you precise explanations on rules of usage on the fly. During the Russian conversation you will inevitably shadow the speech patterns of the natives and thus learn to speak real life Russian.

Conversational Russian session does not mean one activity only. You will practice reading, listening and comprehension skills simultaneously. Our lessons are designed to encourage learners to speak Russian at least 60% of time while being immersed in real life tasks and situations. This approach is considered as intensive and efficient in terms of how to learn to speak Russian fast.

Speak Russian

Are you ready to speak Russian now? Everything you need is the Internet connection and your desire, and the rest will be taken care of by our qualified and enthusiastic teachers. Take the first step and feel the taste of Russian directly from your place at any day at any time!

Давайте говорить по-русски сейчас! Let’s speak Russian now!

Convenient. Russian in conversations at your place on-line (via Skype)

Suitable. Fits all levels learners from beginners to advanced

Professional. Experienced native Russian teachers

Effective. Learning while speaking

Intensive. Rapid and confident results

Full immersion into the Russian language

Interactive communication with natives

Natural acquisition of the Russian language structure

Qualified support with corrections and explanations

Visual materials

Break the language barrier

Improve your fluency in Russian

Perfectly understand Russian natives

Be familiar with colloquial Russian

Raise your Russian grammar and vocabulary skills

Feel confident while speaking Russian

Let’s speak Russian now!

For me it’s really a big pleasure to learn Russian with you!

Peter Brechbühl,

Now I speak and understand Russian much better!

Alyssa Ross,

I passed the Test of Russian language, B1. Thanks a lot!

Edouard de Pallieres,

Speaking Russian is amazing experience for me!

Katarina Magnusson,

“Pa-russki” in Figures

The number of countries
we work with


The age
of our students

14 – 74

The percentage of our students
who have successfully passed
TORFL exam

99 %

On-line Russian courses


Essential phrasing
for your basic needs



Navigating daily
topics and situations

A1 – A2


Problem solving
situations and assignments

B1 – B2


Share, debate, prove
the ideas and facts

C1 – C2

  1. On-line Russian courses are provided via Skype
  2. After your enrollment we schedule a 30 minute session to define your aims and preferences in studying Russian.
    Each of our courses might be tailored to fit your individual needs
  3. Learning materials in electronic format are sent to the student before each session
  4. Lessons that cancelled/rescheduled with 12 or more hours notice will not be charged


Learning things are efficient only if they are examined. Examination inspires and shows the right way to go forward. It’s always better to be aware of real situation in order to build proper strategy towards your goals. Then a lot of time can be saved and invested properly in other interesting and useful things.

On this site you can test Russian on-line and check your skills in Russian grammar. For each level we prepared special tasks, which are aimed to determine your level of Russian language (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) as well as to clarify some points in Russian grammar during your work. It certainly will involve you in learning process one more time as far as you have started to test your Russian you are in studying Russian.