Media Russian

The language of Russian informational sources​

The Media Russian program is designed for all Russian learners who aim to:

  • Master the language of modern media
  • Raise fluency in reading comprehension of informational texts
  • Broaden daily and business vocabulary, polish grammar skills
  • Gain confidence in everyday and business communications

A great course for those who specifically want to improve their understanding the language of the Russian media. It also helps to expand the vocabulary greatly, so I totally recommend it.

Chris Elliott, Ireland

Media Russian program is intended to boost your fluency in reading comprehension of Russian informational texts: news, blogs, reports, articles, etc. It also aims to broaden your daily and business vocabulary, polish your grammar and improve your speaking skills.


​To join the Media Russian program we expect your level in Russian to be A2 or higher. The program can be adapted to your specific needs and preferences.


At first we introduce you to the list of specific terms, expressions and abbreviations that are widely used in many types of informational messages.

As a next step you are immersed in the language of modern mass media while listening, reading and translating informational texts in Russian together with a native teacher.


​​At the end of the text processing we invite you to share your opinion on the facts, statements or ideas from the text using appropriate vocabulary gained from reading.

During the practice you start to master media vocabulary, learn lots of phraseological units and discover multiple meanings of certain words.

Gain confidence

In time, such practical training gives you more confidence in your everyday and business communication on the whole. Your comprehension skills dramatically increase.

You begin to feel more comfort while listening to news and reports on Russian TV-channels and radio-programs, as well as while reading official documents in Russian.


Media Russian
Number of sessions, 60 min
Total price, €
129 €
249 €

The Media Russian program is provided via Skype.​ Learning materials (in electronic format) are included in the price.

Lessons that were cancelled/rescheduled with a 12 or more hours notice will not be charged.​

In the world where the information itself is the main asset, it is crucial to stay informed about the current events. It is important to be able to analyze different sources, sometimes the opposites, to be able to recreate the actual picture and to form your own opinion.

Russian-speaking countries are incredibly influential in spheres of international economics, culture, politics and so on. It would be logical to get acquainted with what Russian news tells about the happenings of the day. But what if your level of Russian simply is not strong enough to understand the language of the media?

Most of the media use a large but limited vocabulary, a certain set of abbreviations and idiomatic expressions. It’s like a language inside the language, and having analyzed this we’ve developed a special Media Russian language course that covers most of that “enclave” language. During the course, you will master the necessary terms and expressions, so that you will be able to easily comprehend the essence and the context of the news in Russian.

We’ll also provide you with a sufficient practice to memorize all the new information. We’ll read and discuss articles and news in Russian, paying some additional attention to the used constructions and vocabulary.

Depending on your preferences and needs, we can work with general information media or with some narrow-focused edition. We can also concentrate our efforts around one certain source of information.

Awareness is a key to correct decisions and strategies. If staying in the information vacuum is not for you, there is a point in mastering the language of the media. Improving your level as a Russian speaker is a pleasant bonus here.