Russian cases training

mastering Russian case system in hours

The Russian cases training is designed for all Russian learners who aim to:

  • Master the Russian case system in hours
  • Examine in depth the Russian cases where they feel uncertainty
  • Polish and improve their current level in Russian cases usage
  • Be well prepared for Russian grammar proficiency tests

A very focused training full of thorough practice. I really enjoy the way my Russian sounds now. Totally delighted with the results!

Harald Welsch, Austria

Many consider that the Russian language would be much easier to learn if only there was not the mysterious case system to contend with. For some students the Russian cases with their considerable number of various endings are just a nightmare and cause frustration, that stops them on their way to mastering Russian.


We claim and will prove: everyone is able to overcome this language challenge!

Define Your Objectives

The Russian Cases training is intended to make every learner confident in the Russian case system within the specific level you aim to cover.

You either can start mastering Russian cases from scratch or polish and push your current skills in Russian grammar forward, working with all six cases or only with the certain one(s) where uncertainty occurs.​

Learn In Practice

​We turn theory into efficient practice. Specially designed exercises help you to build a strong base of clear and memorable examples demonstrating Russian case endings.

Step by step, while practicing and being guided by qualified explanations, you acquire Russian case system so that you start to experience the pleasure of using and recognizing them in speech and in writing.

Get Your Grade

You strengthen your Russian grammar skills significantly and soon you feel confident because you speak Russian with correct grammar. Eventually, Russian case endings will not cause difficulties any more.

Once you have learned the Russian case system you may consider you have accomplished the biggest challenge on your way to mastering Russian grammar.


Russian Cases Training

Number of sessions, 60 min

Total price, €


Level A1


179 €


Level A2


239 €


Level B1 – B2


179 €


Tailored session


69 €

The Russian cases training is provided via Skype.​ Learning materials (in electronic format) are included in the price.

Lessons that were cancelled/rescheduled with a 12 or more hours notice will not be charged.​

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Fast progress
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Our mission is to teach you to speak confident Russian in a reasonable time frame. From any place. At any time.

Your desire. Our enthusiasm. A perfect tandem for the impressive results!

I could immediately feel my progress with you. I started speaking Russian correctly and thus more confidently. Your lessons are always so interesting, inspiring and productive! Thank you very much for your work!

Agnes Hanson, Sweden

I do like your goal-oriented approach in teaching. It provides the noticeable progress, it motivates and inspires me. I am incredibly lucky to be studying Russian with you!

Roman Lange, Germany

The 1-st session is FREE

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Indeed, mastering the Russian cases requires a certain amount of time and effort. But as soon as you feel how confidently you use the right case endings, you will admit that all your investment was worth it – very few things are as pleasing as the feeling of an accomplishment.

Without the profound knowledge of the case endings, you will not be able to comprehend the context and the speech, you also risk to confuse your interlocutor. However, Russian cases system is not as complicated and scary as it is often referred to. The correct approach to learning, the high-quality materials, expert’s explanation and the practice focused lessons provide the most amazing results.

During our Russian cases training, we provide a brief but detailed theory about every instance of a certain case usage, accompanied by the examples in Russian and in English. We believe knowing the rule is not enough, so every explanation is well supported by the sufficient practice

At first, your teacher will help you do these grammar exercises, answering all your questions and providing necessary and useful comments for every step. Later you will do these exercises on your own and will send them to your teacher so that she could check it. You will get the revised exercises within a day, with all the corrections if any are necessary and with valuable comments. Thus you will be able to evaluate your progress for every part of the Russian cases training.  

Being so focused on the practical use of the rules leads to the complete automaticity in choosing the correct case endings. You won’t have to remember the cases usage rules every time you speak – you simply speak and know everything is correct, it’s like your spinal cord knows how to use the case endings. This is actually the main goal of our training – to get you closer to being confident and fluent Russian speaker.

Are you ready to enjoy speaking Russian correctly?