Russian cases Marathon

Intensive Russian Cases drill


250 Test Tasks
50 Rules With Examples

How long?

How long?

2 Weeks
10-15 Min Daily Study

  • To dive into intensive
  • To boost your Russian grammar skills
  • To gain confidence in writing and speaking Russian
  • A1
  • A2
  • B1
  • B2
How ?
Via Telegram


February, 6


After 2 weeks
Refresh and polish
your current knowledge in the Russian Cases System
Clarify things
you were uncertain in
Master and practice
new rules of usage
Speak and write
correct Russian
What students say about our Russian Cases Marathon

I found the marathon extremely useful!

Stephen Prater, Germany

Really like the example sentences, format and tests

Aaron Levis, USA

A very helpful program, impressed by your summarized rules

Daniela Lorenz, Italy

I learned so much and just in 2 weeks, thank you!

Stefan Horsman, Netherlands

How does it work
  1. Every day for 2 weeks we post two links on the Marathon channel: THEORY - a list of rules for the Russian cases usage, PRACTICE - a Test with 20 tasks on the introduced rules
  2. It's up to you whether TO START WITH THE RULES to review and then do the Test or TO DO THE TEST straight away
  3. You will be able to see YOUR PERSONAL SCORE right after you submit the Test. In case the answer is incorrect you will see an explanatory comment for such a task
  4. You can do Tests as many times as needed TO REALLY MASTER the rule and TO SCORE THE MAXIMUM. At the end of the Marathon you will have access to all Tests for another two weeks