Listening comprehension Marathon

Extended Russian listening practice


21 Audio Files
210 Test Tasks

How long?

How long?

3 Weeks
10 Min Daily Study

  • To do intensive Russian listening practice
  • To train your comprehension skills
  • To increase and polish your Russian grammar and vocabulary
  • A1
  • A2
  • B1
How ?
Via Telegram


January, 23


After 3 weeks
Gain confidence
in understanding Russian natives
Increase the scope
of your vocabulary
Refresh and improve
your Russian grammar skills
Keep your
level up
What people say about listening comprehension marathon

Great listening practice, highly recommend!

Daniel Wagner, Germany

It was a very useful program for me!

Simon Finnäs, Sweden

Looking forward for the next round!

Mariel Kieval, USA

Thank you for this intensive program, really helpful for me!

Thomas Ruberto, Italy

How does it work
  1. Every day during 3 weeks we post links on the Marathon channel: Audio file - to listen; Script with gaps - to read, Test - to check your listening comprehension
  2. First listen to the Audio without a Script, then listen to it again with the Script and do the Listening Comprehension Test
  3. You will be able to see your personal score right after you submit the Test. In case of wrong answer the correct option will be shown
  4. You will have the option to do the same Test as many times as needed TO REALLY MASTER the rule and TO SCORE THE MAXIMUM. At the end of the Marathon you will have access to all Tests for another two weeks