Intensive Russian

Reach the A1 level in Russian within 60 hours​
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The Intensive Russian program is designed for the determined and aimful students whose goal is to acquire basic Russian in a very short time frame. The 60h program corresponds to the level A1 in CEFR.​

The Intensive Russian suits both those who are true beginners in Russian and those who learned Russian before and want to brush up and polish their current level in Russian

These were two very intense months. I should admit, my head was exploding from the information I received every day. But the result is totally worth it, and now “Да, я говорю по-русски!” (Yes, I speak Russian!). I fulfilled my ambition and I’m very grateful for your work!

Peter Habicht, Switzerland

After the successful completion of the Intensive Russian program you will be able to speak Russian on everyday topics such as Introduction, Family, Countries, People, Jobs, Activities, Vacation, Future plans, Life events, Drinks, Meal, Favourites.


​The 60h program assumes 2-2,5 months of studying with the schedule as follows: 1,5h * 5 days a week, 2h * 3 days a week

Communicative approach, speaking Russian from ​the Day 1​

​​Learning grammar while practicing it in speech constructions​

Effective mastery of​ 4 months program ​in 2 months​


30 h
60 h
Intensive Russian​
419 €
779 €

The Intensive Russian Course is provided via Skype.​ Learning materials (in electronic format) are included in the price.

Lessons that were cancelled/rescheduled with a 12 or more hours notice will not be charged.​

You probably still remember the years when quality was valued above all. One was ready to wait in order to get something outstanding. Now we are deprived of this luxury. The technologies have given us a lot but they also took the pleasure of not being in a hurry from us. Just as Alice, we need to run constantly only to remain at the same spot at least, and we need to run even faster if we don’t want to fall behind. For sure, you understand how crucial it is to keep studying during all your life. Yet, people start questioning the effectiveness of traditional language learning programs – despite their quality.

Now quality is a point of parity – we take quality for granted, while the time that is spent to achieve this quality in learning results is of great importance. Time is the most valuable asset nowadays, so it should be spent as effectively as possible. Which is why we’ve developed this course – it is intended for those who wants to learn Russian fast.

But when we say “fast”, we should be honest – it only suits the goal- and result-oriented people. It’ll require your maximum attention and concentration. In exchange for your efforts and time, we provide the most efficient language learning methods. In less than 2 months you’ll be able to speak Russian – everyday life topics will be easy for you. You will be encouraged by these early results and you’ll see that your time and energy pay off. You’ll also get a strong basis to bring your studying to the next level.

Our intensive Russian course gets you immersed into the language and provides the fastest way to learn Russian. Our teachers choose the appropriate learning pace according to your personal traits and make a tailored studying schedule. A tight one certainly, keeping in mind all the information that has to be covered.

If you believe you are persistent and motivated enough to learn Russian in two months, don’t waste any more minutes and subscribe to our Intensive Russian course now.