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​The Exam preparation Course aims to prepare students for the successful passing the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL). During this Course students have a right dose of practicing speaking, listening, comprehension and writing skills. In parallel they will clarify a lot of grammar and vocabulary issues to feel absolutely confident during the exam.

The Course can be adapted to your special needs and focused on the areas where you need a proper attention.​

Thanks to your efforts and the well-chosen strategy of preparation I’ve got the TORFL-I/B1 certificate! Thank you so much!

Ramon Delgado, Spain

The duration of the Exam preparation course depends on the student’s current level in Russian. On the first session our teacher will determine your individual Course’s length and highlight the priorities. On average the time needed for the proper Test preparation is 30 – 40 h.


Upon completion of this program, you will have gained all necessary knowledge to pass the Russian language test successfully. Be one of our contented graduates!

Set the goal, priorities and focus on the essentials​

​​Train your Russian skills, gain substantial confidence

Get a great award for your time and efforts


Exam preparation course​
10 sessions​
20 sessions
60 min sessions
149 €
289 €
90 min sessions
179 €
349 €

The Exam preparation program is provided via Skype.​ Learning materials (in electronic format) are included in the price.

Lessons that were cancelled/rescheduled with a 12 or more hours notice will not be charged.​

Tests and exams challenge us. They demonstrate our current status, they show our progress and motivate us to proceed. Some tests make our goals closer and approximate us to new achievements. We believe a TORFL (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language) is one of such helpful tests.

Having a TORFL certificate will always give you advantages whether it’s only applying for a job or it’s an interview already. B1 certificate also lets you study in Russian universities.

Studying is always more effective when you can measure the progress, and the best way to test the knowledge (though could be not the favourite one) is an exam. We suggest you spending some quality time on the effective exam preparation. It’s going to boost your knowledge not to mention it’s going to take the stress of testing out of the exam.

Our teachers have already helped a lot of students prepare for the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language, so they’ll help you become a part of this successful tradition – 99.9% of our students pass the exam easily. During our first session, we define your main priorities and develop your personal effective studying strategy. That depends a lot on your current knowledge level. For example, you may be strong in, let’s say, 2 of 6 language skills – grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, listening, writing and speaking. If you’re good at these two, it’s better to focus your efforts on the rest four. We’ll be able to define it during our first meeting, so the course you are taking will be totally tailored to your personal needs.

We use the fragments of the actual tests and help you whenever you stumble upon anything you don’t understand. We clarify all the unclear grammar issues, train your speaking, listening, and reading comprehension. We will provide you with both: the profound theory and the sufficient practice so that you will be confident during the TORFL test. We arrange our work in such an order that you will be able to obtain the best results and to benefit from our cooperation.

So are you ready to make yourself a step closer to the TORFL test certificate? Join the “Exam Preparation” course with us!