Conversational Russian

Real-life Russian with native speakers
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The Conversational Russian course is designed for all Russian learners to improve their speaking fluency and listening comprehension skills.

Practicing Russian with qualified native speakers provides full immersion in real-life Russian and brings fast results in confidence while speaking and understanding Russian.

The conversational practice with you has made me a more confident speaker  - that’s truly effective, that’s what I was looking for.

Doris Schartner, Austria

The Conversational Russian course provides variety of programs

  • an informal talk about everything
  • sharing news, facts and ideas
  • discussing topics, articles, ratings, analytics
  • preparing for the Russian test passing
  • focus on specific vocabulary
  • talking business

Speak Russian now

Experience a real life Russian with qualified native speakers

Variety of topics to discuss: from the weather to AI and more

Simultaneous training of speaking, listening and grammar skills


Conversational Russian
5 sessions
20 sessions
45 minutes Russian
59 €
229 €
60 minutes Russian
79 €
299 €

The Conversational Russian program is provided via Skype.​ Learning materials (in electronic format) are included in the price.

Lessons that were cancelled/rescheduled with a 12 or more hours notice will not be charged.​

You may have spent years learning the Russian language, your reading and writing skills are close to perfect, you know and understand most of Russian grammar rules but when it comes to Russian conversation you feel awkward and speechless. Does this sound familiar to you? If so and if you lack the confidence in speaking Russian, if you feel you need more practice in addition to your Russian classes, you’ll find our Conversational Russian course very appropriate and useful.

To speak a foreign language confidently you simply need to start speaking it. To make this practice effective and really beneficial it is much better to speak with the native speakers. It’s even better if these native speakers are qualified language teachers (as ordinary native speakers usually use the language intuitively and can’t clearly explain their vocabulary and grammar choices). Another key to success is that this language practice should be as regular as possible – a regular practice a couple of times per week would be more helpful than a whole day spent on studying once a month.

To meet all these requirements we’ve created our Conversational Russian course, where

will join you for your language practice

During our Russian conversation practice lessons, you’ll be engaged in a discussion of topics you are interested in with a qualified native speaker who’ll be assigned to you. These friendly conversations are the most natural way to learn a language. They’ll also result in polishing your accent. You’ll be able to handle your vocabulary better finding an appropriate use for every word and expression you know and to add new lexics as well.

Russian conversation practice is also a good way to improve your grammar skills, vocabulary use, and comprehension. Every lesson will make you more fluent in Russian. Imagine that you speak correctly and confidently, perfectly understanding what native speakers are talking about  – isn’t that your goal?