Russian verbs of motion

Practical and effective training

The Verbs of motion training is designed for all Russian learners who aim to:

  • Master forms of Russian verbs of motion according to their level
  • Correctly use prefixes of Russian verbs of motion
  • Feel confident while reading and hearing Russian verbs of motion
  • Increase their Russian vocabulary and polish their Russian grammar skills

Clarity and understanding - I could never imagine such a progress could be achieved in such a short period of time. Thanks a lot for your brilliant work!

Eva Larsson, Sweden

Идти - to go, прийти - to come, уйти - to leave, войти - to go in, выйти - to go out, зайти - to drop in, перейти - to go through, обойти - to come around... Indeed, the variety of forms and prefixes of Russian verbs of motion might confuse many Russian learners at first. But the more you are involved in active tutored practice the more clear and memorable all those various forms become for you.


We present you an effective training program on mastering Russian verbs of motion with the right proportion of the necessary theory and instant practice on all forms and prefixes.

Define Your Objectives

According to your level and targets we determine the volume and depth of your personal Russian verbs of motion program.

Along with mastering Russian verbs of motion, your level of proficiency in Russian significantly moves forward. ​

You acquire new grammar constructions of the Russian language and your range of vocabulary increases.​

Learn In Practice

​We introduce you to a number of examples on the usage of certain Russian verbs’ forms and prefixes that are guided by qualified explanations.

Following this path we get you into practical training with the introduced verbs.

While completing specially developed assignments, you experience and practice the proper usage of these verbs in different tenses and contexts.

Get Your Grade

To strengthen your confidence with a particular form and a prefix of a certain verb of motion, we highlight and train it in tutored conversations.

Thus correctly working them out and remembering them well.

Our teachers provide you with sufficient time to practice verbs so that you feel confident while using and hearing them during talks.


Russian Cases Training
Number of sessions, 60 min
Total price, €
Level A1
199 €
Level A2
319 €
Level B1 – B2
199 €
Tailored session
69 €

The Russian verbs of motion program is provided via Skype.​ Learning materials (in electronic format) are included in the price.

Lessons that were cancelled/rescheduled with a 12 or more hours notice will not be charged.​

Verbs of motion are considered to be one of the most complicated topics in the Russian language. Indeed, it is a challenge to understand all the variety of prefixes, having in mind the concept of one way or multiple directions. Yet, these verbs are crucial for being able to actually speak Russian and to understand the main language structures. Not to mention these verbs are widely used in everyday speech – one can’t describe an average day or a daily routine without using any of them.

It is not easy to master this topic on your own if you weren’t born in a Russian-speaking country and if you don’t have a sense of Russian language. While English verb “to go” can describe almost any motion irrespective of its direction, frequency, and means of transportation, Russian verbs of motion have multiple tints to speak about different situations. Which is why it is much better to use some professional help for your Russian verbs of motion practice. We’ll teach you to use each of the pairs of these tricky verbs correctly and to built faultless word combinations and sentences to describe every sort of “going”.

In spite of all these difficulties, hundreds of thousands of Russian learners managed to master Russian verbs of motion, which means you’ll manage to do so too. Practice and persistence are two main components of your success.

Our program will let you dive into the world of verbs of motion in the Russian language, to focus on the most important issues and to master them through extended practice. You will also learn the necessary grammar rules and the vocabulary that describes the space, time and directions (really, you need to know how to say “up”, “along”, “often” and many others to use the Russian verbs of motion).

This is going to be both effective and exciting! Join us today for your Russian verbs of motion practice!