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encounter and explore the mysterious Russian soul

discover the richness of the Russian language

improve your fluency and reading comprehension

expand your range of Russian vocabulary

clarify and learn advanced aspects of Russian grammar

It’s time to read Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov and Bulgakov in the original! Explore the richness of the Russian language and depth of thinking of the greatest Russian novelists.


We suggest you make a choice among the various alternatives of the most impressive passages from the Russian classic works for further reading and processing.

You immerse yourself into Russian authors’ writing styles and experience their wealth of emotions and narrative colors. You discover Russian character and spirit of society, the principles and foundations of power that are portrayed with extraordinary insight by Russian classic literature authors.

While reading and processing passages you are provided with relevant explanations for unfamiliar words, idioms, slang and also historical events described in the texts. You improve your reading comprehension skills and significantly increase your Russian vocabulary.

Simultaneously you become familiar with advanced grammatical structures from the texts and their corresponding rules of usage. You are also involved in discussing some of the ideas and statements from the works you read using new words and expressions.

For those who currently have insufficient capability to read the original Russian classics, we offer adapted texts and passages, which still provide valuable practice and cognition of the Russian language and culture.

Programs and rates

Program Total, USD
45 min session * 3 times per week 45
45 min session * 12 times per month 170
60 min session * 3 times per week 55
60 min session * 12 times per month 200

Russian Classic Literature program is provided by Skype.

Learning materials (in electronic format) are included in the price.

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