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correspond with your Russian-speaking friends on daily issues

writes e-mails to your Russian-speaking business partners on pre-negotiation issues

grasp the general idea from your colleagues’ e-mails and Skype sessions

understand slang, special terms and abbreviations used by natives

expand your Russian vocabulary and polish your Russian grammar

Correspondence in a foreign language is an effective method to learn a language. It includes all the necessary components of successful learning, such as: interaction with native speakers, immersion, visibility and high involvement. Correspondence is a great complement to conversational practice, with the only difference being that your thoughts are displayed on a PC screen.

The Russian e-mail training program is intended for students at all levels in Russian who want to master the rules of correspondence in Russian and at the same time improve their fluency in Russian.


We provide you with correspondence in Russian on any topic at any time via e-mail or Skype. First we introduce you to Russian e-mail etiquette and practice common forms and expressions. And afterwards we start our tutored e-mail correspondence in accordance with your special needs, depending upon whether they are private or business.

In each of your letters you first get our feedback and detailed explanation concerning the email’s phrasing, vocabulary and grammatical nuances, and then finally our response to your letter where you can find a lot of useful material to learn and shadow. While reading messages from native Russian teachers you are immersed in a real life language and taught the way of building phrases and sentences as natives do it.

After a few such letters you feel progress with your writing skills that definitely impart benefits to your speaking skills as well. You start thinking in Russian and expressing yourself in Russian correctly and naturally.

Additionally the E-Mail Russian program can incorporate processing letters delivered from your Russian-speaking friends and business partners, in order to combine your academic studies with real life cases.

Programs and rates

Program Total, EUR
10 + 10 emails 49
20 + 20 emails 89

E-mail Russian program is provided by Skype.

Learning materials (in electronic format) are included in the price.