12-month Russian practice

Daily communication with native speakers Try 1 week for
Convenient learning format

You can learn and practice Russian from any place at any time, even during the short breaks at your office or university

Appropriate for all

We prepared programs for Russian learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Everyone will benefit from our approach

Tailored to your needs

If you need to make a special focus on a certain topic or a grammar issue, we will offer you a tailored Russian practice program!

Every day practice

Regular practice is crucial for the success. The result of daily investment of 10-20 min in Russian will impress you!

Evident progress

With daily practice you will feel the progress in your Russian skills after only 2 weeks of interaction with native speakers

Saving money

12-month program will compensate all your efforts with satisfaction and confidence in speaking and writing Russian!

Invest in your coffee break

Build confidence in russianJust 10-20 minutes of daily interaction with native speakers will improve your Russian skills significantly!Try now

How it works

Our program provides daily on-line communication in Russian

Spoken Chat

1 hour per week
You will speak Russian with native teachers during 1h per week. Any time distribution, any messenger: Skype, Whatsapp, Viber

Written Chat

50 min per week
Your Russian teacher will text you 5 days per week for 10 min session: to share news and to discuss events

Tests & Quizzes

1 quiz per week
Every week you will get tests and quizzes to solve and send back to the teacher. Later on you will get the teacher's feedback

Mail weekly

1 mail per week
Every week you will receive e-mails with interesting 'n useful materials in Russian to read, watch and listen

Try things that work!

Speak daily to Russian native teachers
What people say about our program
The approach works really well for me. Every day practice helps me make a substantial progress in my knowledge of Russian and I am looking forward to our chat every morning.

Jim Davis, USA

Daily short chats help a lot for my progress in Russian. My confidence grows from week to week and I feel highly motivated to go forward!

Dana Rammelsberg, Germany

Russian practice in numbers
12-month indicator
hours of spoken chat
hours of written chat
tasks for tests and quizzes
interesting & useful content
Choose your pricing plan
1-month Russian
  • Spoken chat: 4 hours
  • Written chat: 3 hours
  • Quiz: 40 questions
  • Useful content: 10 +
79 €
3-month Russian
  • Spoken chat: 12 hours
  • Written chat: 10 hours
  • Quiz: 120 questions
  • Useful content: 30 +
219 €
12-month Russian
  • Spoken chat: 48 hours
  • Written chat: 40 hours
  • Quiz: 480 questions
  • Useful content: 120 +
749 €

Still in doubt?

Try 1-week Russian practice for 1 €
Experience a new option to learn Russian fast and effectively. Try things that work!

When can I start?
You can join the 12-month Russian practice program any day of the year
What is the schedule?
After your enrollment we schedule a 15 minute session to define your aims and preferences in studying Russian, as well as the most convenient schedule
What if I am not able to attend the chat?
Sessions that are cancelled/rescheduled with 12 or more hours notice will not be charged
Which messenger do you use?
We can communicate via Skype, Whatsapp or Viber

You only need 20 minutes a day and a device with a reliable Internet connection. Even very busy people can afford to invest 20 minutes in significant improvement of their spoken and written skills. It’s also a good way of supporting your Russian language in an active mode if you currently don’t use it very often.

12-month Russian practice – is a speaking and writing workshop for all those who wish to break the language barrier and to become a confident Russian speaker. The program includes the daily interaction with the native speakers for 15-20 minutes, where you get to speak Russian and to polish your knowledge. The key to the success here is the regular practice, which inevitably makes perfect.

According to our experience, you feel the results within the first month after you join the program. During this practical course our students get acquainted with the real life language constructions that are used by native speakers in their every day speaking, increase the vocabulary, get to know many useful grammar constructions, fix their language knowledge “weak spots” and – which is the most important – become confident in speaking Russian.

If you join the course, you will be guided by a qualified teacher, who is also a native speaker of Russian language, and who is a qualified to work in the format of the course. It is crucial to be able to deliver the concentrated knowledge and clear explanations within the time shortage of an online-session, and our teachers know how to fill every minute of this time correctly. We are very focused to help you first of all learn to speak Russian, and we know you will appreciate this skill.

You will dive into the spoken language and into the written practice, spiced up with notes on grammar and vocabulary issues. This will be a profound improvement of both your spoken skills and comprehension. And you won’t be overburdened by hometasks as for the homework you won’t need to accomplish a lot. All you’ll need is to share your personal news or your opinion about the current events, or any other topic you’re interested to share and discuss – thus you will get a life-like speaking situation for your practice and will be able to learn to actually speak Russian.

Alright, so you can pour your cup of coffee (actually, the Russians would prefer some black tea instead) – and let’s start!