Cinema Russian

Immerse in the Russian culture and mentality​
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The Cinema Russian program is an exciting way to learn and explore Russian language, culture, traditions and Russian people mentality. While watching and processing the most popular Russian movies you will be immersed in the real life language that native speaker use, master a lot of useful constructions, idioms and slang that are widely used by Russians.​​

In parallel you will be introduced to a number of particular qualities of Russian people, their habits, traditions and the genuine way of thinking.​

The best fun way to immerse yourself in the Russian culture, to polish your Russian, to learn slang and common idioms. I strongly recommend this Cinema Russian Course to everyone who needs to boost the Russian-speaking confidence!

Jason Palmer, USA

On the Cinema Russian program we watch and process short and full-length films - comedy, drama, documentary, detective, adventure, historical films etc. Learning activities include practicing new vocabulary and polishing grammar constructions.​

To join the Cinema Russian program we expect your level in Russian to be B1 and higher. The program can be adapted to your specific needs and preferences.​

Watch, learn and enjoy ​the most popular Russian movies​

​Immerse in the real-life language, explore genuine Russian soul​

Improve your speaking and comprehension skills in Russian


Cinema Russian​
Number of sessions, 60 min
Total price
5 tickets​
139 €
10 tickets​
269 €

The Cinema Russian program is provided via Skype.​ Learning materials (in electronic format) are included in the price.

Lessons that were cancelled/rescheduled with a 12 or more hours notice will not be charged.​

Diving into the speaking environment is considered to be the most effective way of studying any language. But oftentimes travelling to a Russian-speaking country only to learn a language is not an option – due to busyness, the lack of time and travelling costs. This is the case when Russian movies can offer an affordable alternative to immerse yourself into the speaking environment staying in the comfort of your home.

Watching Russian movies is not only about learning the language. A Russian director would film Russian traditions, habits, superstitions without any distortions, as they really are. You can get acquainted with the mindsets, the typical worldview, the history and all the weird peculiarities that have always surprised you about the Russians. Choosing a modern movie will let you get to know the latest slang words and expressions that are commonly used but are typically ignored by traditional textbooks.

But to make the most out of watching the best Russian movies, it is better to have a teacher who is also a native speaker around you to explain every complicated moment. She’ll draw your attention to the most important words and expressions, extraordinary constructions and how they are used in different speaking situations. As a bonus you’ll get the explanations for non-standard pieces of the Russian humour, the typical way of life, the thought course – something you can’t get to know without a native speaker.

Our unique “Cinema Russian” course involves
• watching the best Russian movies with and without the translation;
• taking closer looks at useful speaking situations;
• learning the vocabulary from the movie;
• watching the grammar constructions in action;
• polishing your Russian pronunciation;
• discussing the plot and the characters;
• catching a glimpse of history, traditions, habits and mindsets.
And all of that is done in a fun way of simply watching a movie in an agreeable company!

Taking this course will help you become more confident in Russian. Book your movies ticket with us now!