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Russian short stories on-line

Reading is one of the effective learning activities that help to broaden and improve one’s vocabulary in a new language. In fact reading also helps to master rules of grammar in a natural way.


On our website you can find a great number of Russian short stories to read, process and improve your Russian! They present contexts from different life situations and cases. While reading Russian stories you will learn the real Russian phrases in the meaning they should be expressed with. You will be introduced to the Russian idioms and slang as well.

No matter whether you will read Russian stories with a teacher or by your own, you will always learn useful stuff in Russian.Short stories in Russian


Russian stories, which perfectly suit to a Russian learner, should be interesting, informative and contain widely used vocabulary and grammar structures. We stick to this concept when collecting the best Russian short stories for you, Russian learner.


On our website site you will find many authentic texts in Russian from the Internet and Russian text books (the sourse is always specified at the end of the story) as well as short stories in Russian which are written by our qualified teachers at

It is preferably that the level of the stories should correspond to your current level in Russian in order you would feel comfortable with reading them. The best story if at least 60% of vocabulary is familiar to you.


Here you will find short Russian stories intended for beginners, more complicated samples of Russian stories that should come in handy for intermediate students, adapted passages from original Russian literature as well as articles in Russian about things happening nowadays which certainly might be supportive for advanced students.


Each Russian story can have more than just one usage, you can read it certainly, translating words, you can analyze it by grammar part, you can retell it checking how new Russian words and phrases are fixed for the moment, and of course, you can try to discuss some interesting passages with your friends or with your Russian teacher.


Check out the list of the Russian short stories for beginners and intermediate level and start build and improve your Russian vocabulary. The number of stories constanly improves: we regulary add new stories, parables, extracts from novels. Ready to start?

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