Learn Russian

Learn Russian
If you type in a search engine the phrase "learn Russian", it is more than likely that you have a certain intention to begin studying the language, which is spoken by about 500 million people worldwide.

Some facts about the Russian language:

The Russian language ranks fifth after Chinese, Hindi, English and Spanish, as per the number of people speaking it.
Russian is the official and working language of the UN
The bulk of Russian speakers live in Russia and the former Soviet Union countries.
Nowadays, Russian is studied in 140 countries
The Russian language belongs to the Indo-European languages, which connects it with Greek and Latin.

Everybody has their own purposes of language study, but no matter what this purpose could be, mastering a new language is always an interesting and exciting experience. Maybe it is your time to start studying Russian and get positive emotions from the result!

Put one more check mark in the list of languages you speak!
How to learn Russian
Despite the fact that the Russian language has a reputation of one of the most difficult languages to learn, it has an understandable and logical structure of rules that everyone can master.

When we hear the question «how to learn Russian", our answer is simple: your power of intention to study Russian and enthusiastic teacher – these are 2 main and decisive factors of progress. All the rest will only increase the interest and motivation.

We will not deny that somebody can speak good Russian without mastering Russian grammar. You shall need to invest a certain amount of hours in the study of grammar, namely Russian cases, their system of endings.

And once you learned the Russian case system you may consider you accomplished the biggest challenge on your way to mastering Russian grammar.

I know people who have learned the basics of Russian grammar by themselves. However, most people need the support of a qualified teacher. Thus, the process of learning becomes easier and faster.

At the same time, you will definitely need to practice spoken language to communicate with native speakers, getting qualified lexical and grammatical explanations.

An experienced teacher will teach you the rules of Russian grammar by means of verbal structures that will greatly facilitate the learning process and make it interesting.

After 20 hours of work on learning Russian, you will be able to enjoy your success. Moreover, this will be a great motivation to continue your work!
Best way to learn russian
There is only one best way to learn Russian – just start to speak Russian!

How to master Russian fast and efficiently

Find a conversational course of Russian with useful and widely used vocabulary. Conversational course program allows the immersion in the language and grammar representation through speech patterns.
Work with a teacher who inspires and motivates you.
Speak Russian at the first lesson (at our Survival Russian course students speak short, simple phrases at the first lesson, and at the 3rd lesson they can already make sentences with verbs)
Try not only to listen and to repeat, but also to interact with native speakers. It is very important to practice dialogical speech, be immersed in speech situation.
Do not be afraid of mistakes! They are markers of your progress, which will show where you will have to work a little bit more.
Be sure to do your homework. This is an essential part of the learning process.
Try not to make big breaks. It is especially important to go through the first 20 hours with regular meetings.

If you are serious about learning Russian, sign up for our conversational courses! It’s never boring with us! Save time and money with us!

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